Episode 194 - Uncle Don's Minute Rice


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Episode 194 is here for YOU!

Intro / Apologies, Retractions, and Omissions 00:01 - 4:14

We discuss the reactions to our picks for the Sports Mt Rushmore, and there were quite a few. What did we miss? 4:15 - 11:49

We give a R.I.P. to Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Ms. Butterworth. Each of the food products are being removed after they are considered offensive. Are they offensive? Should they go? 11:50 - 24:20

Kid Rock's Bar in Nashville was in the news this week after they violated Phase 2 of the COVID-19 rules in Nashville. The owner Steve Smith considers this a personal attack against his personal freedom. Why aren't people wearing masks? We try to figure it out and then David goes on a rant against Trump and all his supporters. 24:21 - 49:44

Movie and TV Show Recommendations: (Luther, Ramy, Homeland, House) 49:45 - 55:45

The show wraps up with a Dear John which involves a wife who's husband might be cheating on her. What should she do after finding a woman's panties in her bed? John tries to help her out. 55:46

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