Episode 195 - The Monument Formerly Known as Mt Rushmore of TV Dads


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The show starts off with apologies and there aren't a lot there. David does apologize for not going harder on Trump on last weeks show. 00:01 - 03:14

David watched Chariots of Fire and was not a fan at all. He believes it is one of the worst movies he's seen. Does John defend the film? John has a problem with Facebook (as we all do these days) 03:15 - 15:30

The Tennessean ran an ad for a group that claimed Islam was going to bomb Nashville on July 18, 2020. This caused quite the controversy in the Nashville. Should anyone be in trouble for this? 15:31 - 24:59

The Dixie Chicks dropped the Dixie from their name and are now called The Chicks. Lady Antebellum are now called Lady A. Are the name changed justified because of their ties to Southern Racism? 25:00 - 38:38

The guys unveil their Top 4 List of TV Dads. Who is going to make the list? Listen and find out! See if your TV Dad is mentioned. 38:39 - 56:14

The show wraps up with a Dear John about a man making a decision he regrets. 56:15

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