Episode 196 - The Definitive Cage


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The show starts off with apologies, which lead into the boys talking about the history of Catfishing. 00:01 - 08:09

The 4th of July is happening and Nashville has suspended it's firework display. What are our plans for the holiday? Is it safe to be around crowds in this era? 08:10 - 18:30

David is selling his house and weird things are happening. John encountered squatters years ago and shares that story. 18:31 - 26:32

The guys list the Definitive Nicolas Cage Movies! It's a list that features some of the greatest movies of all time 26:33 - 44:03

Nashville is trying to de-criminalize weed, somewhat? 44:04 - 49:40

The Dear John features a segment which involves a wife and husband not getting along because of political views 49:41 - end.

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