Episode 198 - Funyuns and Baseball Cards


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Episode 198 starts off with David talking about how he watched Hamilton on Disney Plus this past week and really enjoyed it. Lee wants to know what he liked about the musical and David tries to explain the magic of the show.

Donald Trump is back in the news again and the guys discuss a few of his big hits this past week and how society is adjusting to wearing masks.

The guys give their Definitive Lists of Potato Chips and the lists includes quite the variety of potato chips. What will make the list? What gets left off?

David watched Horace and Pete on Hulu, which is a 2016 series created by Louis C.K. The conversation moves to cancel culture and when is it acceptable to watch or consume media by a person with a questionable past.

The show wraps up with a Dear John that has a guy looking for answers for the quarantine blues.

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