Episode 200 - The 24 Hour Show!


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We DID IT! We streamed for 24 hours to celebrate Episode 200 on August 8th and 9th and it was amazing. We raised $1,500 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the process.

We have selected four segments of the 24 hour broadcast to release on the feed.

1. Shane Morris. Shane is an entrepreneur, tech guru, provocateur, and someone you should be following on Twitter (@iamshanemorris). He joined the broadcast and we had a lot of questions to ask him about COVID-19 protocols, how to fix the world economy, and life advice as well.

2. Trapper Haskins. Trapper is a musician, who has released an album that you should own (Blood In The Honey). He stopped by the studio and played some tracks from the album.

3. Adam Pewitt. Adam is a podcaster, who has been talking on the microphone for years on many shows and most recently, Pod Casserole. A video game expert, he had to do the Mt. Rushmore of Video Game Characters with us! Go listen to his podcast, Pod Cassrole, if you enjoy pop culture and entertainment.

4. Savannah Shaver. Savannah is a musician, who stopped by to play some songs and her voice is incredible. Definitely go listen to her music on Spotify, you will love it.

Thanks to all the support over the past 4 years. We appreciate everyone who listens and shares the show with other people.

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