Episode 203 - BYB Does OnlyFans


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The show starts off with talk about OnlyFans and what that scene is all about. This leads into talk about the sex industry and thoughts on strippers, porn stars, and OnlyFan accounts. David has a solution for the men paying the OnlyFan sites and it involves Cobra Kai. They also talk about the importance of supporting the artists you love!

David's daughter had a birthday and he talks about thoughts of death that followed it. Somehow this is followed by a story where Kanye West pissed on his Grammy Award. The man might need help.

Find out which bands Lee likes and doesn't! Ben Shapiro is moving to Nashville (blah) and Mayor Cooper has allegedly been hiding COVID-19 stats from the citizens of Nashville.

The show wraps up with a Dear John where a young man needs help getting his parents to buy him a PS5.

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