Episode 212 - A New Era (Goodbye Lee)


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Episode 212 is the first of a new direction for the show. Lee will no longer be one of the hosts. David and John talk about why and both present the situation that happened 3 weeks ago. Curious about why? Then definitely listen to the first bit of the show.

The guys talk about how Thanksgiving went at their homes and also talk about what the best Turkey Day treats!

David ended up in the ER this past week and gives all the details on that trip! John has a story about his niece and it's pretty wild.

John wants to know how many nice people are in the world? The two revisit their high school days and try to break down the percentage of nice people in the world.

They wrap up with talk about Elliott Page, Joe Biden's injury, and the mysterious monolith that is appearing in different parts of the world.

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