Episode 71: Cli Donnellan Interview (Fiddle)


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The elusive nya! Making tunes your own, ornamentation and phrasing and the old East Clare style. Francie Donnellan, Seamus Bugler, Martin Woods and a tune by the stove. Learning, loving, leaving the music, and returning. 'Songs My Father Sang,' the journey, knowing yourself and the truth in music.

The tunes Cli plays this week:

The Corner House and The Glen Allen (two reels)

The Binder Twine (Lifted from the 'Songs My Father Sang' album)

Caisleán An Óir

The Trip To London

and The Legacy (written by Cli Donnellan)

You can buy Cli's CD from her website: https://www.clicreativechange.com

Or if you're so inclined it's also available from Cli's Bandcamp here: clidonnellan.bandcamp.com

While you're there make sure you check out 'Songs My Father Sang'. A collection of 13 songs put together by Cli of her father Sean Donnellan.

You can also join Cli every Sunday at 12 Noon (Irish time) on The Morning Dew Trad Music Radio Show over at Scariff Bay Radio: http://www.scariffbayradio.com/

Thank you Cli, for such an immersive, beautiful conversation.


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