Episode 91: Angela Usher Interview (Banjo, whistle, tenor guitar)


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Tin whistle with Marian Egan (Flannery) in Hulme. Touring New Zealand and Australia. First banjos and joining Curragh. Toss the Feathers and choosing work over the road. The social side of learning. Joe and Jack Cooley and the lost tapes from America. The Love of Lucia, Kitty’s Twelve Roses and The Gort Mile.

In this episode Angela plays:

Port Chuilinn / The Munster Buttermilk / Bobby Casey's (Banjo jigs)
The Coalminers / Patsy Toughey's / Finbar Dwyais (Tin whistle set)
Flat Water Fran / Little Fair Cannavans (Tenor Guitar)
The Rainy Day / My Margann / Coleman's Cross (Banjo reels)

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To buy Angela's album 'The Gort Mile' go here: https://www.angelaushermusic.com/shop/

To read her beautiful liner notes go here: https://www.angelaushermusic.com/about-the-album/

To follow Angela online go here: https://www.facebook.com/ange.durcan


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That's it for another week. Angela thank you so much for all your time, chats and tunes.



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