Anatomy Of A Feat Of Strength


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From the blog, Clementine reads this piece. *** I know it’s worse for the person on the back bench, and any sudden brake will wake her. The van is a cradle I’m trying not to rock. As I drive I keep noticing when I get overly tense, and I feel my arms and hands clenched and heavy. When this happens, I take long deep breathes, into my belly, holding for a moment, and then breathing up and out the center channel of my body, up and out the top of my head. I rest in the heart energy when I feel agitated, and watch as worry and tension rises and falls. Meanwhile, the trees are silent and watching. I love how the redwoods hug the road and I feel a wave of sadness come through when I see that one was damaged in an accident. The mist lies heavy in the forest, and the van moans and whines as we make our way. I take my stillness from the big trees, and am able to fall into a deep peace as I drive.

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