Finding The Joy In Practice


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From the blog, Clementine reads this piece. *** As she told me this, I flashed on remembering when I started learning drumming. When I started playing drums, I had that freedom of feeling that everything was possible. I had no intention of being a professional musician, so learning drums was just interesting. It just opened up my mind to the possibility of doing something that I had never even considered. I didn’t have any blocks of thinking that it could be difficult. I just went into it with joy, and everything seemed to blossom. I certainly want to practice more. What kind of player would I be if I got it together and sat down every day for two hours? Well, I’ll keep at this intent and meanwhile, I open to the joy of playing whenever do I make it to the kit. I see how judgment about practicing has blocked the desire to practice, and how often I keep myself from drums because of this judgment. I see how some days, sitting for 10 minutes feels excruciating, as all judgment, of my process and ability, blocks all the joy.

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