Practice Of Moments


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From the blog, Clementine reads this piece. *** I have a fantasy of monastery life. The 10-day silent meditation retreats I participate in are exquisite, and for so long, when I’m tired and feeling lost, I imagine living at a retreat like Thomas Keating, meditating and writing until the end of days. That will always be a dream. But now, I see how much more fruitful this lovely chaos seems to be for me right now. Maybe the drums are how I find the clear-light, the silence of consciousness. Maybe being a rock drummer is the Clementine version of monastic life. I certainly seem to be built for movement, and exertion, with a gift of stamina that may be lost in a monastery. It’s with challenge that we really transform, and what a challenging career and a way to spend my time have I chosen. I see how my music career IS my practice, as much as my counseling and meditation and writing and driving and all the other ways I spend the moments of this life. My practice is to let go of attachment to identity, attachment to concepts, and to access the heart, to live from the heart, to live in the heart. Moment to moment, present and in truth.

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