The Hidden Messages Of Water


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From the blog, Clementine reads this piece. *** I recently read The Hidden Messages of Water, about the scientist who began analyzing the effect of the energetic environment on crystals in water. If you haven’t seen these studies, you can pull up the images online and see the beautiful snow flake patterns of the sentiments “I love you” and the song “Amazing Grace,” and the chaotic, disrupted patterns of hate and negativity on the water crystals. The take-away is our own direct response of vibration and frequency in our field, and how our physical being, 70 percent water, might cultivate protection against disruption of our crystals. This knowledge has created new rituals for me around the house. “Thank you water! Thank you! I love you!” before every hydration. “Thank you water! Thank you for keeping Henry healthy!” as I refill the pug’s bowl. I try to remember to do the same for my food, too. Suddenly, a little “thank you” before eating takes on new meaning.

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