To Hell or Not To Hell


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From the blog, Clementine reads this piece. *** A funny thing happened during a recent weekends of shows. An unease settled on me, and I felt myself raw and overly sensitive to the slights of others. Maybe it had to do with the heat and humidity of the Midwest weather, or maybe I’ve just been alone too much for a while and the shock of socializing was jarring. Whatever the reasons, I started to fixate a little too much on the typical annoyances of putting on a show. Sub-par backline equipment. The basement dressing room, sweaty and smelling as if a gas generator was on high pumping fumes through the rooms. Maybe it was knowing that each show would be a struggle on foreign gear, since I had flown to the shows instead of driving my own drums. Maybe it was the rude customer at the rental car place, or the loud 10-year olds and even louder mother behind me on the flight, or the stopped traffic from St. Louis to Illinois.

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