Blockchain: Custom Built for Social Good - Ep.8


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In this episode, Ben and Jay connect with Vanessa Grellet, who serves as Executive Director at ConsenSys with a strong focus on the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, to explore initiatives and trends in blockchain and data management that are shaping the future of social good. She highlights four key sectors for social good that are most impacted by blockchain and recounts trends that emerged at the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference.

Vanessa sheds light on what it takes to empower people who have been displaced or disenfranchised by governments; the value of cutting out middlemen; and the work of Robert Opp, Director, Office of Innovation and Change Management, United Nations World Food Programme.

Jay calls out Bono, aka “the worst thing that has happened to Africa.” Vanessa suggests that in spite of peoples’ best intentions, “creating wealth and property is not going to solve issues of poverty...”

We discuss Ethereum’s roots in social good, and why the media is obsessed with the crypto valuations over impact and causes. Vanessa talks about the “Decentralized Impact Incubator” where companies compete for $50k in prize money. She gives a shout out to MakerDAO, Dether, Everledger and Democracy Earth, and gets excited about taking “the coalition” on a roadshow starting in Africa and Asia, to ensure people on the ground are learning about the value of blockchain technology.

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