Security Tokens: Keep Calm and Carry On - Ep.6


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In this episode, Ben and Jay delve into the many facets of tokenization with a leading voice in the space, Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets. From the value of fractional digital share ownership to the global ramifications of security tokens, we take a closer look at this rapid-moving, often over-hyped but clearly substantive cousin of the utility token.

Pomp details why security tokens are evolutionary versus revolutionary, with respect to the use of technology. He goes on to break down the process of tokenizing the equity of ANEXIO, an Inc 500 company that provides large scale IT infrastructure as a service, from paper to digital shares and beyond. Pomp discusses they key components for successfully digitizing ownership of assets, and dives into the perception versus reality of whether there's a "utility token bubble," explaining why bubbles can be a net positive for any emerging market.

The conversation delves into the evolution of digital audio files, in an attempt to frame the evolution of digital securities. Pomp also delivers recommendations and advice for the SEC with respect to creating a framework for regulation of security tokens.

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