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In this episode we explore user experience design in the blockchain industry with leading experts Jose Caballer and Chris Pallé. We discuss the current problems that users of blockchain applications face and solutions to help make blockchain more accessible to mainstream users. Chris and Jose share their unique perspectives about how to design products and organizations for the blockchain technology industry. Our conversation also explores the notion of a “Trust Architect” as a new type of designer for the distributed ledger technology space.


Jose Caballer - Design Chef, ConsenSys

Entrepreneur, UX designer, facilitator, amateur chef, meditation enthusiast. Jose studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design and was then schooled “on the streets” of the .com boom, at Razorfish one of the first Digital Agencies in the 90s. In 2001 he started his own pirate ship called The Groop, a digital agency he ran for 11 years. There he got his "Street MBA" and got to work with diverse creative clients such as Al Gore, Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, corporate clients like Disney and Nike and over 40 startups including recently launched One Drop In 2012 he founded an education platform and channel on YouTube called The Skool, now TheFutur which grew into a movement to educate designers worldwide.

Today he combines his 20 years of design and businesses experience with his passion for teaching to help develop teams at ConsenSys, a venture production studio and the leading technology firm in blockchain.

Check out Jose's vlog post about the best qualities to have as a UX Designer: https://youtu.be/u1kKxTLmpXw

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Chris Pallé - Owner, Wisdom & Craft, Inc.

Chris Pallé has over 20 years of strategic, creative, and analytical User Experience (UX) leadership experience for institutions ranging from small startups and boutique shops to Fortune 500 companies such as McGraw-Hill, EMC, CBS, The Economist and others.

A recognized thought leader, Chris has lectured on UX best practices, Strategic Design, and Marketing to various audience levels for MediaBistro, General Assembly, NYU, Rutgers, Parsons the New School as well as numerous conferences and Meetups.

More recently, Chris has endeavored in entrepreneurial ecosystem development through the creation of collaborative workspaces. Under his leadership in 2015, the first coworking space in Bell Works (Holmdel, NJ) was established and then developed into a thriving community that not only became sustainable, this project has been credited for linking the massive 2M square foot redevelopment project to the greater NJ Tech ecosystem that lead to the building being over 80% leased.

Currently, Chris is expanding on his experience for the emerging fields of blockchain and data sciences and will be announcing a new project in the summer of 2018.

Chris works in the NYC-metro area, but he lives in New Jersey with his wife and 3 beautiful daughters.

Chris is passionate about his work and is available for consulting projects, positions on advisory boards, as well as teaching and mentoring.

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