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In this conversation, Samuel and Adriana chat about how inspiring having access to technology at an early age can be, rebuilding the internet and the pitfalls of centralised systems, being a CTO in an incubator and solving 'first principles' problems, cypherpunks and bitcoin, the technologies that will most impact the future, using electricity to secure value and, finally, what needs to happen next in order to take this 'internet upgrade' to the next level. Plus, great advice for those trying to figure out what to do with their life, or looking to change their course.

Sam's Bio:

Samuel Brooks is Chief Technology Officer at Block8, Australia's leading DLT venture studio.

He is an expert in connecting next-gen technology with current-gen business problems, specialising in the development of blockchain economies and distributed ledger systems. Sam's experience spans financial services, energy and utilities as an engineer, analyst and project manager, and has been actively working with blockchains since 2015.

Sam is also an active member of the Australian Computer Society Blockchain Technical Committee and the Standards Australia Working Group for Smart Contracts (IT-041).

Sam holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from UNSW, and sometimes posts on his blog at samuelbrooks.io.

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