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Welcome to Episode 37 with Adam Meister. In this episode, Adriana and Adam discuss what it meant finding bitcoin in the early days, the problem it solves, what is a "bitcoin maximalist", the number 1 question Adam gets asked all the time and, finally, tips for content producers everywhere. Let dive right in and get to know Adam.

Adam's Bio
Adam has been in the Bitcoin space for almost a decade. He purchased his first 2 bitcoin in 2013 and soon after that he made his first video on his world famous BitcoinMeister Bitcoin Channel. Adam has been part of over 2000 Bitcoin related YouTube videos and also has a very popular Twitter feed. He is known for having the "best guests in the space" on the audio and video versions of his "1 Bitcoin Show". He knows the strongest of hands from around the globe and has been a Bitcoin speaker at events on just about every continent. He sold his house and travels around the world living the Bitcoin lifestyle going from one Airbnb to another. His straight talk and catchphrases are legendary. He has never sold a bitcoin for fiat and continues to buy and hold to this very day! Adam stays familiar with all the current events in the Bitcoin space and comes up with his own unique takes that often go against the status quo! There is nothing generic about Adam, you will always get original content and ideas from him.

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