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Welcome to Episode 41. In this episode, Adriana and Jake chat about Jake's career in the music industry and how he transitioned to work with digital and web, seeing early on how these technologies would affect the music industry. When discovering Ethereum in 2016, Jake rapidly went from being "digital obsessed" to being "Ethereum obsessed" and continues to face his challenges head on, but with hard work and humility.
Project mentioned - Tracer: https://tracer.finance/

During times of uncertainty and change, companies need a steady hand. Through multiple industries, and significant changes, Jake Denny has been that person.
Working on the architecture of global content metadata systems, streamlining and optimising operational efficiencies, scaling growth stage companies, building remote teams and leading in areas of product, marketing, revenue, business development and enterprise sales, Jake has proven to be an adaptive leader.
With an acute awareness of changing technology, Jake has built a reputation as someone that can provide clarity around the impacts of the changes, design and execute a strategy to deliver results that create both market share and revenue opportunities.

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