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Derek has found great success in providing energy deals to businesses, whilst offsetting electricity carbon emissions. Taking this offer to the general public with The Zero Carbon Project is a natural development. Personally, what I like about this project is the "right now" approach using carbon credits to offset emissions. It's a great way to reduce the impact of dirty energy, whilst the world move to greener sources, which will take a couple of decades, if not more, to fully happen.

**Disclosure** I didn't not get paid to interview, Derek. I fully support his project for the benefits it can bring on mitigating the environmental impact of electricity production and trading, as well as the ability to offer better deals for consumers.

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Derek's bio:

Derek Myers started his career with Macquarie Bank where he was involved in designing derivative products; and trading options and futures in bonds, bullion and the energy markets. After completing his MBA, he joined Accenture as a Strategy Consultant in financial services and energy markets.

In 1999 Derek established iVentures Capital to take advantage of software technology and innovation opportunities in the energy markets.

Derek raised funds to establish PowerEx an online power exchange for energy suppliers, generators and suppliers which he sold to Amsterdam Power Exchange to facilitate their entry into the UK energy markets.
Derek acquired Beond in 2003 and has since worked on developing its services, servicing its clients and building its team. He is the Chairman of West London Sustainability and Climate Change Commission.

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