Episode 119: Lance St. Laurent v. Arthur Chu


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Lance St. Laurent (Jeopardy! champ) joins the show to demonstrate that the fraternity of Jeopardy! champions is not guaranteed, as he tells the story of being blocked by past J! champion and noted internet shitheel Arthur Chu. John and Lance also get a chance to formally squash their brief Twitter feud after John tweeted about Lance's run on Jeopardy!, and get into some of the finer details surrounding appearing on the show in general. Elsewhere, the Blocked Boys make their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and also get into film, fictional dads, parking lots, WandaVision, horny letters, and Stefan and John relitigate the "is the Grim Reaper a monster?" debate.

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Lance St. Laurent is a former Jeopardy! champion and Ph.D. student who tweets about film and leftist politics over on his Twitter, which you can find at @LanceStLaurent.

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