Episode 139: Danika Thibault v. A Man Named Ashley


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If you're thinking you can't trust a man named Ashley, our guest this week, Danika Thibault (comedian), is here to prove you right, as she tells a tale about a chance encounter leading to a very weird online interaction and subsequent blocking by...a man named Ashley. Speaking of weird online interactions, Stefan doubles down on his Marge impression from the Go Off Kings this week, and shows at least a little improvement. Plus we get into Canadian chocolate bars, Donald Trump, Stefan's MLB: The Show character, A24 films, Sisqo's beautiful reasoning behind the Thong Song, and Danika gives John and Stefan a literal glow up as we learn about the Glow filter on TikTok.

If you want a glow up but in podcasting form, you can get it over at patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every month. This week, we have a very special guest for our monthly mailbag episode: John's Dad! John Cullen Sr. joins the program to answer all manner of questions from our listeners, and it gets as wild as you'd expect. Plus right now we have the great bonus episode we did last week with the guys from the Evil Men podcast, and BPD&D 2: Paranoia starts next month. You won't wanna miss it!

Danika Thibault is a comedian and podcaster whose podcast, Forgive Us, can be found wherever you get your pods. You can follow her on Twitter at @Danika_Thibault and on Instagram at @DanikaThibault.

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