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Today’s talking point:

We live in a time where you feel expected to always take action and implement. With technology so available, we are never without social media, to-do lists, and emails dinging all day long. It's easy to take on the “go go go” mentality, and think the only way to stay afloat is to continue doing more and juggling all the things on your own.

Most people think that there are two steps to managing a to do list

  • writing out a list of everything you need to get done
  • then working your way through it

But you end up never finishing everything on your list -and you end the day feeling disappointed. This episode is going to be all about the pre-work and steps you need to take to make sure that your to-do list is full of things that actually matter in the bigger picture (and that you can accomplish).We're going to go over evaluating your purpose, how to be realistic, what we're trying to avoid, and then how to actually get your to do list on every single day.

Let’s get ready to boss it.

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