66. Managing a Blogging Business Partnership with Simply 2 Moms


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Have you ever found yourself wishing you weren’t the only one responsible for your blog and everything on your to-do list? Have you ever wished you were in it with someone else who could brainstorm ideas and work with you on content creation? Meet Anne and AnnMarie! These North Carolina moms have been friends for fourteen years, have three kids each, and have been blogging full-time for four years, but here’s the catch - they blog together! Anne and AnnMarie each started out with their own little family blogs and eventually decided to join forces and blog together. Since then, they’ve been lifestyle blogging at Simply2Moms.com. In this episode, they share the benefits (and downsides) of working with another person and how they manage the business side of things, split their workload, prioritize strong communication, and stay motivated. Anne and AnnMarie have such a unique partnership and it was so cool to get a glimpse into how they blog as a team and implement it successfully.

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