A Mandate for All Seasons (Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus)


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Mickey: Biden’s weakness is his strength ... Is Biden’s vaccine mandate constitutional? And will it work? ... A reason to root for the Delta variant? ... JD Vance urges people to resist the vaccine mandate ... Looking back at 9/11-inspired fears ... Did the Iraq War give a critical boost to 9/11 Trutherism? ... We may actually see a vote on the hard infrastructure bill soon ... Mickey complains about Ezra Klein, Bob pushes back ... Parrot Room preview: Why Bob has been talking about the Weinsteins so much, The Chair, Bob tries to talk Mickey into using a dating app (or maybe the Parrot Room itself is a dating app?), the US Open, is rock dead?, Mickey’s Fred Barnes Crossfire story, and a general theory of inflation derived from staying in crappy hotels ...

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