A Vortex of Failure (Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus)


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Bob and Mickey’s most erotic cold open yet ... Mickey mildly critiques Bob’s latest Afghanistan piece ... Eight ways Biden messed up the Afghanistan withdrawal (according to Mickey) ... Will Pelosi get the infrastructure bill she wants? ... Will the Texas abortion law backfire on pro-lifers? ... Mickey: If Newsom loses his recall vote, it could tank the infrastructure bill ... The jury’s still out on the lab leak hypothesis ... Bob: The jury’s still out on Ivermectin but not on Bret Weinstein ... Parrot Room preview: A hit piece on JD Vance, crime rates among Afghan refugees, the NYT’s editorial practice, the (possible) millennial conspiracy to oust boomers, wokeness at Princeton, an Ivermectin tweet storm, Pierre Kory, the possible postmodernism of the Weinsteins, how Mickey turned Bob into Led Tasso, Bob gets the Ezra Klein bump, and Ed Asner ...

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