Episode 103: Attorney Tony Ramos Answers Your Tax Questions


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Tony Ramos helps small business owners who owe substantial taxes to the IRS. He is passionate about resolving overwhelming IRS debt to help people get the IRS to reduce their debt by the maximum amount and then agree to the smallest possible monthly payments for their remaining balance. Here are some of the questions we will address: How long can the IRS chase me for back taxes? What happens if I haven’t filed tax returns for many years? What are the penalties for not filing tax returns and not paying taxes? What is the process to successfully negotiate the best deal with the IRS? Will I go to jail if I owe a large amount of taxes? If I don’t pay my taxes, what can the IRS do to me? Can they take my home away? What can I do if the IRS sends me a Final Notice of Intent to Levy? How can I stop bank levies, wage garnishments, etc.? What are all of the options available to resolve my tax debt? What happens If I make a payment arrangement with the IRS and then later I can’t afford to make payments? How can I find out exactly how much I owe to the IRS? What do IRS collection representatives want from tax payers? What do taxpayers want from the IRS? If I call the IRS myself, what should I ask of the IRS representative? How can I avoid a federal tax lien from being filed against my home?

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