Demystifying Branding for the Trades With Sarah Ghirardo, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager at ServiceTitan


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Sarah Ghirardo is the Sr. Marketing Operations Manager at ServiceTitan, where she manages the Marketing Pro Product Team. ServiceTitan is the world’s leading and fastest-growing software technology platform for the trades evaluated at over 8.3 billion dollars. Sarah brings her industry knowledge to help make any size trade business run marketing like a pro.

Before joining ServiceTitan, Sarah was the Director of Digital Marketing at Service Champions Heating and Air Conditioning NorCal, where she grew digital lead and direct mail conversions.

Sarah has a deep passion for marketing and helping people, which inspired her to join ServiceTitan to help people in the trades with more effective marketing strategies.

In this episode, Sarah talks to Ryan about why she’s passionate about marketing and discusses some of the best marketing practices people can do for their own business.

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