How To Use Mindfulness To Lose Stress and Take Back Control of Your Life With Stephen Christopher, Founder of Wit Digital


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Pay attention to what you are thinking about- because you hold responsibility to take back control of YOUR life!

In this episode, Ryan Redding was joined by Stephen Christopher, founder of multi-million marketing agency, Wit Digital, that serves home service companies. With a huge passion in Intuitive guiding and coaching, Stephen has been able to inspire people to become more than they ever thought possible.

“We are the conscious creators of our reality through our thoughts and energy. If you don’t like your current reality, you’re the only one that can choose to change it. Take control of your life and live it with intention and excitement!” Having the right mindset is so important during today’s times especially when owning a business. This conversation is focused around being mindful because at the end of the day whatever your true intention is, could depict what the outcome could be in the end. Make sure to take a listen! ~

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