HR and Safety Best Practices for the Trades With Ian Schotanus


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Ian Schotanus is the Managing Member, Owner, and Lead Consultant for The Big Picture Consulting, where he leads HR and safety consultations to assist contractors across the US to protect their life’s work from the adeptness of labor and ambulance-chasing lawyers.

Ian has a well-established knowledge base specifically geared to assist residential and commercial service providers. He is a US Navy veteran, has worked in the retail/service field in both sales and as a technician, and has a decade’s worth of experience as a National Level HR & Safety Compliance Consultant.

He has personally assisted hundreds of companies in preventing or minimizing financial damage caused by employee lawsuits, OSHA investigations, Wage and Hour Division audits, and more.

Outside of work, Ian is a father, an avid reader, and volunteers at his church and his children’s school, as well as playing any video, board, or card game he can get his hands on.

In this episode, Ryan and Ian discuss hiring, employee management, and safety decisions you need to make to ensure your trades company succeeds in this era of COVID-19.

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