Blynd Submyshynz Episode 69: Artie Shephard from Saint Vitus Bar


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What a delightful dive into the Long Island hardcore scene with (prog-loving) scenester Artie Shepherd. Artie has been part of the LIHC scene since the beginning, playing in Mind Over Matter (and a bunch of other bands), his band Primitive Weapons with past-guest (and co-owner of Saint Vitus, Chris Enriquez). We talked about Artie's musical past, the decision to open a bar and venue, running a live music venue during a pandemic, touring, launching Wreck-Age records, Yes, Rush, and a whole bunch of other shit. Artie has stories for days, and we could probably easily do another 2.5 hours some day...hopefully in person next time. Also there was music listened to.
Saint Vitus
Mind Over Matter
Primitive Weapons
Wreck-Age Records
This Week's Submissions
Horned Wolf
Inhuman Hands
Brandy and the Butcher
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