Blynd Submyshynz Episode 74: Jordan Perkins Lewis from Brume


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Adult human stuff happened, but now it's podcast time again (we explain right at the beginning)! This week's guest was a long time coming...the final member of Brume, Drummer Jordan Perkins Lewis. Jordan is a fantastic drummer with crazy eclectic musical taste, a wild upbringing among the blue-collar workers in the movie business, and a badass job producing videos, TV content, and working the scoreboard graphics for the San Francisco Giants. He's also not shy with his opinions, as you will quickly discover. We listened to some really cool submissions, but Jordan was up for more so we also dug through the "what are people buying right now" ticker and some of the top seller charts too!
This Week's Submissions

Bands! Submit one song (preferably from Bandcamp) to and we'll try to cover it on another episode. Find us on social media @blyndsubmyshynz.

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