EP1. The Art of the Humble Flex


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It seems we're at a dilemma when it comes to talking about ourselves. Flex too much and you're considered obnoxious or conceited. Flex too little and you're considered uninteresting or unaccomplished. So how do we find that sweet spot in-between? It's called the art of the humble flex, where you take flex-worthy things about yourself and drop them casually into everyday conversations, Instagram posts, and business situations. And let's be clear about one thing: it's called an art for a reason. The humble flex is - at its best - subtle, perfectly timed, and always appropriate. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of humble flexing -- as well as our personal opinions on the types of flexes that we acknowledge, and the types of flexes we frown upon. We also address the (sad?) reality that the humble flex is an important part of marketing yourself, making friends, and creating opportunities. So then, is it better to be bad at flexing than not flexing at all?

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