EP3. Conscription, Military X-Lab, and Seoul's Underground Rave Scene ft. Mike


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The subject of Korea's mandatory military service for male citizens is a contentious one. While some see it as complete waste of time, others see it is an important experience to foster 'discipline,' 'patriotism,' and 'masculine maturity.' On this episode, we invite our friend Mike (@_adaacid_) to weigh in on his own personal experiences with conscription, his views on this so called "duty of national defense," and how he tried to find alternative methods of serving his country. Mike also details his encounter with other overseas Koreans facing the issue of conscription and what it means to be a conscientious objector. And as a man of many titles, (DJ, producer, and the director of 'Textures:' a media platform that promotes Seoul's House and Techno scene), Mike shares his passion for the underground rave scene in Seoul and his vision for his hot startup. Check out textures here @textures.seoul

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