Episode 154: Our Anticipated Games of 2021 or Jason Gets the Vaudeville Hook While Playing Carnegie Hall


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Episode 154 - Anticipated Games of 2021:



  • Carnegie - 8 days, $80
  • Owl bear plush - 16 days, $35

Games Played:

  • Clue: The Great Museum Caper
  • Bluffaneer
  • Big Easy Busking

Anticipated Games of 2021:

  • Jason - Weather Machine
  • Katie - Grand Austria Hotel expansion - Let’s Waltz
  • Jason - Darwin’s Journey
  • Katie - Adventures in Neverland - Black Box Adventures
  • Jason - Canvas
  • Katie - Hanamakoji: Geisha’s Road Emperor S4
  • Jason - Marvel United Infinity Gauntlet
  • Katie - The Librarians Adventure Card Game
  • Jason - Anno 1800
  • Katie - Three Sisters

Honorable Mentions:

Dice Theme Park (run theme park, dice are customers, values reduce as they move)

Genotype (worker placement, dice drafting)

Moonshine Empire (redneck pickup and deliver)

Aqua Garden (stock aquarium tanks; rondel, set collection, drafting)

Shogun No Katana (craft swords, worker placement - different workers to collect resources, etc)

Caper: Europe - Same as Caper?

Dinosaur World - Card drafting, worker placement and driving a jeep around to admire your hard work...don’t let too many people get eaten

Galenus - Worker placement game where you decide which worker to resolve during the action phase. Blind bidding to compete in medical contests.

My Father’s Work - Worker placement game where players are competing mad scientists trying to complete their father’s masterwork.

Namiji (Tokaido universe) - Like Tokaido but a bit deeper with some different mechanisms but still has the same chill vibe

Merchants Cove - Rondel and commodity speculation

Museum: Pictura - More streamlined version of the original game. There is more intermittent scoring chances in this one as opposed to the original version.


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