Episode 166: Unpopular Opinions in Board Gaming or We Just Want to Apologize Ahead of Time for This One and Want You To Know That We Really Are Nice People...Honest


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Episode 166 - Gaming Unpopular Opinions



  • Scrumpy Card Cider - 2 days, $47
  • Hippocrates - 6 days, $84
  • Rad Zone - 3 days, $8/$22

Games Played:

  • Point Salad
  • Bonfire
  • Marvel United: Tales of Asgard

Board Gaming Unpopular Opinions:

  • Jason - Expensive Deluxe Editions with no standard edition option
  • Katie - Gimmicky Reviews (including PAID ones)
  • Jason - Games with minis; causing games to be more expensive than they should be
  • Katie - Board game gatekeepers
  • Jason - Kickstarter Hype
  • Katie - Game FOMO


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