The Four Noble Truths & Buddha’s Three Vehicles – Ep. 272


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In this episode Robert Thurman invites all sensitive beings to explore the Buddha's discovery of the interrelated blissful nature of reality through a close line reading of The "Dharmacakrapravartana Sutra" or First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma.

Podcast includes an in-depth exploration of the eight-fold fold path and four noble truths, an introduction to Professor Thurman's book "Wisdom Is Bliss: Four Friendly Fun Facts That Can Change your Life" and his "Vajra Yoga Practice Through the Buddha's Three Vehicles: 18 Week Immersion" presented by the Yoga Space and Tibet House US | Menla Online. From the course description:

"During the days of Patāñjali, the Buddhist mendicant and lay Sangha Community was omnipresent in his neighborhood, as witnessed by the many practices and concepts shared by the Buddhist Sutras and his own amazing, famous Yoga Sutra.

Understanding the essence of the Buddha’s practical teachings and their contributions to the universal values based on the general Indian Inner Science (adhyātmavidyā) enables today’s yogi/nīs to connect to Patāñjali’s wisdom, more easily integrating its vision with the compassionate mindset it automatically unfolds. It also helps contextualise the teachings of the Great Adepts (mahāsiddha) of India, the many non-sectarian master yogi/nīs of Buddhism, Jainism, Shaivism and Vaishnavism.

Fully aligned with His Holiness’s the Dalai Lama commitments in life, this course will show how practical the Buddha’s teachings are, how closely they relate to the wisdom of yoga, and how compassion can be an effective and efficient tool in re-building contemporary societal structures.

This Master Class will support the teachings in the Teacher Training course and allow an inclusive exploration of spirit, mind, and body yoga to develop true inner wisdom and help on the path to enlightenment.

This is an extensive 18 Week Fall/Winter course, which will include guided meditative talks and transmissions from Tenzin Bob on the inner wisdom found in the Individual, Universal, and Vajra Clearlight Vehicles of Buddhism. It can be also be taken as a stand-alone introduction to the advanced Vajra Yoga course sequence.

Course includes 12 seminal talks and guided meditations on each vehicle, accessible on Mondays and Wednesdays, paralleled by concise readings, for students to meditate on and study the yogic insights on each level. Students will meet each Thursday with Tenzin Bob for a Live Zoom Q&A. To learn more about this online offering, please visit: The Four Noble Truths & Buddha's Three Vehicles with Robert Thurman photo by Raimond Klavins.

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