Tibet House US Menla Conversation with Laura Galloway & Robert Thurman – Ep. 274


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In this heart centered conversation spanning from the remote Arctic communities of Norway to the compassionate wisdom contained in everyone, Robert Thurman is joined by author and explorer of inner and outer landscapes, Laura Galloway, to discuss the creative inspiration of interdependence found in nature, our world and in every day relationships. Opening with a recommendation of Laura's book "Dálvi: Six Years in the Arctic Tundra", Robert Thurman leads a dialog exploring the value of contemplation, study, writing, and why supporting the remaining nomadic cultures of Tibet, Mongolia, Russia, and Scandinavian is vital to planetary survival in the face of the climate crisis. Drawing inspiration from their time studying languages, time spent communing with nature through hiking, wilderness exploration and animal care giving, Bob and Laura in this podcast explore the rich traditions of the Sámi, The First Peoples of Canada, and the indigenous cultures of Tibet and the Americas. To learn more about "Dálvi: Six Years in the Arctic Tundra", and the work of Laura Galloway, please visit: www.authorlauragalloway.com.

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