Episode 144: Narconon – A More Effective and Wholistic Drug Rehab Program


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In past episodes, Dr. Nedd mentioned the Narconon program as being the one that most aligns with his philosophy on dealing with the body when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab programs. When I was in practice, this was the program I recommended because it doesn’t just substitute one drug for another and because it addresses all the factors that cause the addiction in the first place. It is a complete approach that doesn’t just deal with addiction, it improves the person’s overall health as well as their ability to get along with others and contribute to society. In this episode our Special Guest, Justin Pitts from Narconon Suncoast, will cover:

  • Why the Narconon program first addresses the nutritional deficiencies, diet and lack of sleep that most addicts experience.
  • How the Narconon program was different than the other drug rehab programs he went through. A big difference (not the only one) was it helped him conquer his addiction while the other ones didn’t.
  • Why the long-term storage of drug residue in fat tissue can make it hard to ever stop using drugs, and how that gets handled in this program.
  • How the loss of self-respect a drug or alcohol addict interferes with their progress and what is done to restore it.
  • What kind of results do Narconon students achieve as compared to the results of other drug rehabilitation programs.

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