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Note: I'm putting this new podcast on the same feed as my old one, "What's the F***ing Point?" — so it may take a minute for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. to reflect the name change. And you'll stll be able to access those episodes of WtFP... there's some fun stuff in there! 🤗

I’m excited to tell you about Bodyful, a podcast that explores the wonder and complexities of living in this human form, and how we can engage in an ongoing practice of bodyfulness to become more fully at-home in ourselves and in the interconnected web of Gaia, the living earth.

I’m your host, Valerie Martin, founder of the Gaia Center for Embodied Healing, and this podcast will feature both solo episodes from me, and interviews with a variety of leaders and healers in the field of body psychotherapy and other facets of the bodily experience. We’ll share practices you can do along with us, and we’ll dig into the concepts of embodiment and bodyfulness, a term originally coined by researcher, clinician, and professor Christine Caldwell.

Dr. Caldwell has helped me to deepen both my understanding and experience of what it means to be an embodied AND bodyful human, and I’m grateful to her for inspiring the name of this podcast.

We hear all the time about the importance of being mindful— and it’s time to invite our bodies to the party. Welcome to Bodyful.


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