Melissa Walker on Whole-Body Sex & Reclaiming the Language of the Body


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Bodyful is my 5th podcast to produce, and I’ve never been this excited or proud to share anything I’ve created.

Already, just with this first interview and the future guests I have lined up so far, I know this is going to be something really special.

When I was recently scouring through Amazon’s catalog of somatic psychotherapy books, I came across a recent release called Whole-Body Sex and was immediately intrigued. Even just reading the book’s description, I knew I had to speak with author (and Colorado-based therapist) Melissa Walker for this podcast.

In this lively, deep conversation, Melissa shares with us about the model she created (Somatic Concentric Sex Therapy), the importance of expanding our definition of erotic, and what it looks like to approach embodiment work from an inclusive, liberation-oriented perspective.

About Melissa Walker

Melissa is a somatic sex and relationtionship therapist, author, educator, and author of Whole-Body Sex: Somatic Sex Therapy and the Lost Language of the Erotic Body. She offers somatic counseling for individuals, couples, and conscious nonmonogamous relationships, as well as online workshops for those wanting to refine skills of relational and erotic embodiment. Melissa facilitates integrous learning experiences about bodyful eroticism and intimacy as a source of increased vitality, inspiring relationships, and healing of the whole self. Fundamentally, these offerings support allyship with sexuality as a transformative force within us all.

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