'It's A Sin'- is the stigma surrounding HIV still stuck in the 1980s?


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This week we are joined by two HIV specialists to talk about 'It's A Sin' the new Channel 4 drama from Russell. T. Davies which doesn't pull any punches in dealing with the 1980s AIDS crisis.
Dr Rex Melville was involved in testing and managing patients with HIV from the beginning of the epidemic- initially in Melbourne and Sydney and then from 1993 in London, so he can share his experiences of those early days. He is now a part-time Genito-Urinary Medicine Consultant in London.
Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan is a Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine in London. She's on hand to tell us what's happening now and what areas we need to focus on in the future. We also discuss what we can do from a primary care perspective to help.

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