#52: Podcast Party - “It All Started With a Blog: Detangling the Wide Web of Disney Bloggers” by Paul Lane (ft. Special Guests Victoria Wade of Tea with V, Nikky J of Theme Park Hipster & Lou Mongello of WDW Radio)


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While it may have started with a Mouse for Walt Disney, for many theme park and film fans, it started with a blog. Our current Instagram and TikTok culture is most associated with content creation, but Disney fans have been spreading the magic over the web since the 1990s. Join your hosts Courtney and Emily for a podcast party about “It All Started With a Blog: Detangling the Wide Web of Disney Bloggers ” by Paul Lane. Lane traces the history of Disney internet content creation from its humble beginnings on AOL discussion boards to modern platforms. The episode kicks off with a discussion with three featured content creators, Nikky J from the ThemePark Hipster, Victoria Wade from TeawithV, and “the godfather” of Disney podcasting, Lou Mongello of WDW Radio. The episode concludes with an interview with author Paul Lane about his interest and research into the world of Disney content creation.

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