016 - Creating Energy Tokens as a service for other operators to tokenize their own projects


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In this episode on BOOM! It's on the Blockchain, Alastair Caithness and the 'Shep', are joined by Dave Rogers, Ziyen Energy CTO, to discuss the upcoming launch of the new Energy Tokens platform and what it means for other operators in the energy space.

For two years Ziyen Energy has been developing an Asset Backed Tokenization Platform for the Energy Industry.

Ziyen Energy has created Energy Tokens a robust end-to-end solution to enable the efficient ownership and trading of direct interests in energy producing assets, including oil and gas, solar and wind. In so doing, Ziyen Energy believes it will completely transform the mechanisms by which these valuable assets may be acquired, held and transferred

Prior to Energy Tokens direct investments in energy producing assets have been made exclusively through negotiated private transactions through parties in direct and personal contact with one another, the transfer of even the smallest interests in energy producing assets have required negotiated contracts and physical document filings in antiquated local land registries and the information to support making and monitoring such investments is not readily available to owners and other stakeholders or preserved in a complete and unalterable form for the life of the project and beyond.

The Energy Tokens platform has been developed to address these inherent problems by democratizing energy investment opportunities, creating liquidity for illiquid energy investments, and facilitating better access to capital for energy development projects.

Energy Tokens provides a system where we build Energy Tokens for other operators in the Energy Sector.

Please visit www.ziyen.com if you would like additional information

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