Being Born Kind of Matters: Roe v. Wade, Episode 1


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Welcome to the re-release of We’ll Hear Arguments, a mini-series from the Boom! Lawyered team that dives into the dramatic arguments of the most important Supreme Court cases in history.

You see, our greatest courtroom dramas aren’t streaming on Netflix or Hulu or even HBOMax! They happened in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Supreme Court. And We’ll Hear Arguments breaks down all the juiciest, most consequential, and most batshit moments.

This series launched as a separate podcast series in early 2020. But now that Boom! Lawyered has grown so much as a community, we thought it made sense to unite the shows into one giant, unstoppable podcast feed. We’ll add an episode each day from January 4 through January 9.

So which case did we tackle Here at Rewire News Group, we like to think of ourselves as your one stop shop for all things abortion. So, naturally, our first season of We’ll Hear Arguments is a tribute to the case that started it all. Maybe you’ve heard of it? That’s right folks—we’re talking about Roe v. Wade.

Episode 1, aptly titled “Being Born Kind of Matters” kicks off with a rousing discussion about the fight at the heart of Roe: a Texas law prohibiting abortion. And if you’re like, hey that sounds… familiar, well, that’s probably because in the 30 plus years since Roe was decided, conservatives have tried to pass countless new laws that do exactly that. At the heart of this case was the matter of personhood—another issue that continues to rear its ugly head (a head that weirdly looks a lot like Amy Coney Barrett these days, but we digress.)

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