EPISODE 195: Google "Italian Parliament Fights"


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Coming to you from the US of A, the whole team tackles: the ghosts of Flight 401, the secretive death boner, chimps with human dicks, and the much-vaunted return of the Bad Tweet Round-Up. *** Henno visits Annabelle: https://www.pedestrian.tv/film-tv/annabelle-doll/ *** Support our show and get exclusive bonus episodes by subscribing on Patreon: www.patreon.com/BoontaVista *** Email the show at mailbag@boontavista.com! Call in and leave us a question or a message on 1800-317-515 to be answered on the show! *** Twitter: twitter.com/boontavista Website: boontavista.com Merchandise: shop.boontavista.com/ Twitch: twitch.tv/boontavista

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