#51 Alyssa Hoffman (Rock Band Manager) "Taking a Risk to Take your Life back"


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Alyssa Hoffman quit a Fortune 500 job, moved onto a bus, and sold her possessions to manage the band Wayland. She was an educator for Great Clips and traveled the country teaching hairstylists the brand and found her “way” with Wayland. She the oldest of six children and grew up in a one income household, one bathroom, four girls to a bedroom. It was through music that she found her way and her harmony. She also is a 20+ year fan of professional wrestling and often times uses music and the storytelling of wrestling to inspire people to follow their blyss, through a mantra that her grandmother taught her, “shake your ass and save your soul,” which translates to being kind and finding joy in life being all you need. Please enjoy Alyssa's motivating tale!

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