#58 Doug Gainey Owner/CEO Drift Jam (World's Largest Floating Music Festival)


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In this episode, I pod cast with Mr. Doug Gainey. Doug Gainey Promotions organizes an annual festival called Drift Jam. Drift Jam is a Non-Profit Organization that supports Operation HomeFront.
"I take my job as a music promoter very seriously. I make your event, concert or show my priority to publicize and make sure it exceeds your wildest expectations. I work closely with agents – or in some cases, directly with the bands – and with clubs and venues to arrange for a show to make a huge splash! My dedication to promotions is not just about putting together an amazing show, for me it extends to the community. Combining each event with a charity organization creates a synergy between the artists and the community that can’t be beat. My heart is all about helping." --Doug

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