#60 Brandon Lilly (Sorinex, Writer, Hunter, Lover of Life)


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In this episode of the pod cast, I sat down with Brandon Lilly. This was a real and raw conversation. Brandon is mostly known throughout the world as one of the most fierce and competitive power lifters on the planet during his prime. Brandon has traveled the world and was once a part of Westside Barbell. These days Brandon spends his time living his best life as an employee of Sorinex Exercise Equipment and best friend to Bert Sorin. He is an avid hunter and marksman. He collects knives, plays the guitar, and he loves to write. Here are some topics that we cover during the Pod Cast.
-Healthy living and eating (his personal transformation)
-Mental Health
-Pod Casting (He's one of the hosts of the Sorinex Be Legendary Pod Cast)
-Tattoos and the evolution of the mindset towards people with tattoos
-Mushrooms (that's right we talked about mushrooms)
This was a very fun conversation with one of the good guys! Thanks Brandon for an awesome experience!

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